Balfour Academy

Positive reinforcement is used to encourage behaviors that contribute to individual growth, while problems are dealt with immediately as they arise. Balfour Academy summer courses are designed to increase motivations as well as to develop basics skills. Leadership and athletic skills are developed in the afternoon sports program. Field trips serve as an enjoyable reward for working and as a time for the entire student body and faculty bond. In all our activities we seek to fulfill our motto, “Striving for Excellence.”


30+ Years of Excellence: Academic enrichment courses in English and mathematics, as well as college level courses for high schoolers broaden student knowledge. Over 110 Boston students have studied with Balfour for a six summer commitment.

  • 85% of Balfour students went on to attend a 4-year college.
  • 96% of those students have graduated from college.
  • 51% of Balfour students attend Northeastern University.