Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ)

The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) conducts research and supports policy initiatives on anti-civil rights violence in the United States and other miscarriages of justice of that period. CRRJ serves as a resource for scholars, policymakers, and organizers involved in various initiatives seeking justice for crimes of the civil rights era. CRRJ focuses on these public policy and criminal justice initiatives. It conducts research into the nature and extent of anti-civil rights violence. CRRJ works with members of a diverse community – prosecutors, lawmakers, victims – that is seeking genuine reconciliation through legal proceedings, law reform, and private investigations.


  • In 2015, CRRJ partnered with archival and media experts to preserve their growing collection and render it accessible to researchers and the general public.
  • CRRJ also expanded its caseload by partnering for a second year with Southern University Law Center, developing fruitful academic initiatives with the School of Journalism and Library at Northeastern, and continuing its work with Cambridge Rindge and  Latin High School.
  • Together with the School of Journalism, the Library, and NU Law Lab we won a grant to to develop a digital CRRJ.
  • With the generous assistance of NUSL alumna Elizabeth Zitrin CRRJ established the Zitrin CRRJ Fellowship to support the participation in CRRJ’s program of a lawyer pursuing social justice lawyering and teaching.