Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Conference

Building a Growing Network of LGBTQA+ Professionals

This annual event focuses on the perspectives and concerns of queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, intersex, and asexual students in preparation for co-op, internships, and professional life beyond campus. Students have the opportunity to hear from alumni and professionals in various industries about topics such as navigating microaggressions, corporate culture, gender presentation, etc. Additionally, students engage with their peers on these topics and meet with professionals to further discuss questions related to preparing for professional working environments.

2020 Reach(OUT) LGBTQA+ Career Conference

Sunday, November 1st | Keynote & Alumni Networking

Sunday kicks off day 1 of ReachOUT! Join us for an opening session featuring a live recording of the I’m Impossible Podcast and guest speaker discussion, followed by a keynote speaker and Q+A. We’ll wrap up the evening with a casual networking session with LGBTQIA+ Northeastern University alumni.  Events include: 

  • I’m Possible Podcast Listening Session and Live Discussion  
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Alumni Networking  

Monday, November 2nd | Industry

Join us for the 2nd day of Reach(OUT) by participating in several industry-focused events! Engage with companies in the afternoon through one-on-one conversations for discussions on your professional materials (resumes, portfolios, etc.) and opportunities/challenges in specific industries. In the evening, students will hear from employer panelists on the topic of achieving success in career paths different than their discipline and participate in roundtables broken down by industry.  Events include: 

  • Employer in Residence 
  • What’s Major Got to Do With It? Honing Transferrable Skills for Professional Success Panel, followed by networking opportunities by industry

Tuesday, November 3rd | Identity 

As we continue through the week of event, our focus shifts to look deeper into intersectionality. This day of workshops focuses on identity-based dialogue and discourse. Navigating career paths while also holding non-dominant and underrepresented identities can be a challenge and finding community within that can be even more challenging.  Events include: 

  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome in the Job Search and Workforce (CIE + EECD collaboration)  
  • My Body Is Political: Employment in the Age of COVID-19 and #BlackLivesMatter Panel 
  • TGNC panel & Affinity Breakout 

Wednesday, November 4th | Global

We go global! In our increasingly global campus and society, students are taking their interests, dreams, and careers across borders. This day focuses on LGBTQA+ identity from an international lens.  Events include: 

  • Making Queer Lives Across the Globe 

Thursday, November 5th | Self & Community Care

Join us for the final day of Reach(OUT) 2020! We are wrapping up our time together by talking about care(both self and community care). This is a panel about what community care looks like in both professional and personal contexts. In this space community care and wellness looks like building care networks, nourishing each other’s futures, and leaning into justice and equity work by showing up for each other.  Following the panel, there will be a short brief networking piece for participants to get to know the speakers more, and begin to create community.  Events include: 

  • Forging & Finding Community Care Panel 

Students: If you are interested in attending any part of this conference, please complete the Pre-registration Form to receive the full registration program!

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