Global Initiatives

Northeastern’s global university system prioritizes the creation of diverse, inclusive, and equitable global networks and communities across our campuses in London, and Portland, ME; from Boston, MA to Oakland, CA and from Toronto to Vancouver.

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Center for International Affairs and World Cultures

Advancing interdisciplinary scholarship, programs of study, and transnational linkages.

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Global Citizen Project (GCP)

Participants visit sacred sites in the Boston area, enjoy international cuisine, and learn about different religious, spiritual and faith traditions from the communities who practice them.

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Global Experience Office

Students participate in global experiences across the world gaining exposure to a multitude of diverse cultural perspectives.

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Middle East Center

Supporting research and cultivating links between Northeastern University and scholars and universities in the Middle East.

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Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE)

Engages with the international movement to promote economic, social, and cultural rights.

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